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July 02, 2023

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In today’s era whatsapp has become one of the most important mean of communication be it texting, calling or group discussions. Whatsapp has played a great role in improving communication barriers but today’s world has advanced so much. With these advancements developers have came up with modified version of original whatsapp. Today I will introduce you to another mod version of whatsapp that is Gb WhatsApp. Without any doubt Gb whatsapp apk latest version is far ahead from all other mods available in the markets.

Gb Whatsapp pro apk have revolutionized the privacy of users, along with this ease of use and customization are cherry on the top. Who don’t want t enjoy all these premium features free of cost? There is major concern among masses aout where to download the authentic and safest Gb Whatsapp package. Fortunately, you landed on the right website. We bring you the latest and bug free version of Gb WhatsApp apk. Follow the guide and click the download button to get the latest version of Gb Whatsapp.

Gb-Whatsapp APK

What is Gb WhatsApp:

Gb WhatsApp is one of the most famous modified versions of WhatsApp. Gb whatsapp has bring us so many great features like hiding d double clicks, changing themes and maintaining privacy. In order to provide users with advanced features using the same interface Gb WhatsApp has gained popularity with time. Gb Whatsapp is not available on Google Play but you don’t need worry, as we have provided with the latest Gb whatsapp 2020. Gb WhatsApp is completely free of cost so now enjoy the advanced version of whatsapp.

Gb Whatsapp Download App (Official)

As we know whatsapp do not allow us to hide our online status nor does it allow us o chat without saving a contact number. Along with this so many important features are lacking in the official whatsapp but now you all your worries are gone as we have bring the Gb whatsapp latest version. Click on the link below to download this application and take your whatspp experience to another height.

Features of GB WhatsApp latest version:

Now we will discuss Gb Whatsapp apk features that will convince you to download this features packed app.

Auto Reply

Auto Reply feature lets the user to reply to a text even if he isn’t online. All you need to do is turn on auto responder and add a text in it. So in case you receive a text, sender will receive an automatic message from you. In official whatsapp only business whatsapp has the option of Auto reply but Gb whatsapp provide this feature in personal account also.

DND Mode

Auto Reply feature lets the user to reply to a text even if he isn’t online. All you need to do is turn on auto responder and add a text in it. So in case you receive a text, sender will receive an automatic message from you. In official whatsapp only business whatsapp has the option of Auto reply but Gb whatsapp provide this feature in personal account also.

Text Scheduler

Another useful feature that is must have for busy people is text scheduler. Sometimes it get difficult to balance work and personal life. This feature help you schedule your your meeting reminded, Birthday wishes as well as broadcasts. Now you can get rid of fear of forgetting important events.

Anti Revoke Messages

Some people have this toxic habit of deleting their texts if you don’t reply them in time. Now you don’t need to worry about it as well. As Gb whatsapp latest version allows yu to read the deleted messages also that is exciting feature.

Share Larger Files

Original Whatsapp allow user to send only 30 pictures at one time which get frustrating when you have to send large number of images to someone. This problem has been finally solved as Gb whatsapp apk allows you to send 100 images at one time. Along with this you can send 50 MB video. Unlike official whatsapp, Gb whatsapp apk do not lowers the quality of images or videos. You can send an audio file as large as 100 Mb.

Unlimited Themes

Gb Whatsapp brings the great customization options for users. It has endless supply of themes that lets you change the outlook of your whatsapp. Also you can change wallpaper of each a chat according to your own will. Another exciting addition is that you can make custom themes for yourself. Along with this you can share this theme with other people. Also GB whatsapp has so many stickers available that you can use.

Download Statuses

Sometimes your contacts upload interesting status and you also want to save it. Now you don’t need to ask them to send it to you as Gb Whatsapp allows you to download it easily with single tap.

Multiple Fonts

Official Whatsapp has same boring font. If you are someone who wants to have multiple fonts option, gb whatsapp is perfect option for you. As gb whatsapp developer has introduced so many fonts that you can use. 

Record Calls

Another feature that seems unethical under normal circumstances but is useful in case you have to keep certain proofs. Gb whatsapp covers you for this purpose. Official whatsapp do not allow you to record the calls

Anti Ban Version

With Gb whatsapp you can access the anti ban feature. In certain cases original whatsapp ban certain users. So in case you get banned do not worry, install the GB whatsapp and it will log in within fraction of seconds.

Hiding your presence:

Everyone has become private in their lifes. But there are some people who still poke their nose in other people’s lifes. To protect yourself from any drama Gb whatsapp brings you so mang options so that no one can disturb you. Here are some of features that are available to hide your presence:
> Hide online status > Hide typing status > Hide Recording message status > Hide reading status
>Hide Double ticks >Hide Blue tick

Enable Password

In today’s world privacy is major concern for most of people. Gb whatsapp apk updated version comes up with feature that lets you lock a specific chat, group or even whole of Gb whatsapp using finger print, pin or pattern.

Multiple Languages

Another reason of popularity of Gb whatsapp is the option of 100 plus languages. So now people can use their regional languages. 

Secure Connection

Some of 3rd party apps make your data vulnerable that lets hackers hack the information. But gb whatsapp uses original whatsapp servers for the messaging purposes. This means Gb whatsapp is as safe as original version of whatsapp.

How to Download & Install Gb Whatsapp

Many people are unaware of download process of Gb whatsapp apk, but you do not need to worry as I have got you covered. Follow the steps below and download latest version of gb whatsapp;

  • Firstly, you need to uninstall the official whatsapp or the previous version of Gb Whatsapp
  • Now click on the link above to download the latest Gb Whatspp latest version. Downloading will start as soon as you click.
  • Meanwhile app is getting downloaded you can open your phone settings  and go to security setting and allow “unknown resources
  • Now go to the downloads and tap on Gb Whatsapp Apk
  • Click on install. Once installation is complete, tap on ok if a pop up appears
  • Now register your number and enjoy advanced features.

Requirements to Download GB whatsapp APK

  • Android Version 4.0 or above
  • Good Internet connection
  • Gb whatsapp can be installed on rooted or non rooted devices
  • Activation of Unknown resources.

How to Back Up Gb Whatsapp APK

Backing up your data before updating the gb whatsapp is important so that you do not lose you data. There are two ways to back up gb whatsapp app.

  • First method is like a piece of cake. All you need to do is go to settings and enable backup option. You can opt for daily, weekly or monthly updates option
  • Another way to back up the gb whatsapp is using a 3rd party applicatio. There are multiple tools available on internet. Dr fone is one of the app the helps you to back up the data.


Gb whatsapp latest version brings us great feature like auto replying, hiding the status and much more. It is so far the best version of Gb whatsapp apk. It is exclusively available on our website.

Yes we can manage upto four account on gb wahtsapp latest version. The only condition is that you have multiple phone numbers. Even we can use official whatsapp as well as gb whatsapp at same time but all you need is to have 2 different contact numbers.

It is not completely safe to use gb whatsappp as there is possibility of getting your contact number getting banned from whatsapp but its a rare case. Other than that Gb whatsapp is safe in terms of viruses and hackers. As gb whatsapp uses the servers of original whatsapp.


If you have come to this point reading my post, you must be convinced to download the gbwhatsapp app. Gb whatsapp brings you all the exciting features while keeping the privacy of users intact. With multiple fonts and themes you can give your whatsapp a different color each day.

 Also keep updating your Gb whatsapp apk to the latest version so you can have the latest version with more advanced features. In case you face a problem let us know in the comment section below so that we can fix it as soon as possible.